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Bullying Guidelines


What is Bullying?


Bullying can be VERBAL (using words), NON VERBAL (without words), PHYSICAL (using action), EMOTIONAL (playing on someone’s emotions) or PSYCHOLOGICAL (playing with someone head). Lots of Bullying behaviour will be more than one of these things. It can be direct action (threats or physical/verbal) or indirect action (like deliberately leaving some out or ignoring them all the time).  Below are some examples of bullying:


  • Hitting, Kicking, Punching or spitting

  • Threats, Cussing Family, Swearing, Aggressive Behaviour, Sexual Harassment

  • Racist Bullying (bullying someone because of where they or their family come from, their skin colour, culture or religious beliefs).

  • Homophobic bullying ( using words like ‘gay’, ‘poof’, ‘lesbian’ or any other homophobic insults against a person; physically assaulting someone or leaving someone out because of their real or assumed sexuality.

  • Ignoring someone, leaving them out of the group, spreading rumours or gossiping about them.

  • Malicious text messages, emails, phone calls, websites or graffiti;

  • Stealing, ruining someone’s work, clothes or property

  • Indecent Exposure of other children (pulling shorts/trousers down, lifting up peoples tops and making children feel uncomfortable)

  • Manipulation and control, peer pressure (making someone do something they don’t want to do);

  • Abuse for standing out from the crowd, looking different or having different tastes or opinions or making fun out of people because they may find certain things difficult (i.e. sports)

  • Generally making someone feel bad about ourselves


At Elite Development we work off a strict no bullying scheme and have a 3 strike policy on any child attending any of our courses or sessions. A flow of good behaviour and changed attitude can remove strikes against them.


1 Strike- We will warn Child of their behaviour and that he/she is performing a form of bullying and it will not be tolerated.


2 Strikes- Inform child’s parents and school teachers about their behaviour and that they are on their last warning.


3 strikes- The child in connection of the bullying will be removed from attending our courses or sessions till later notice.

Please note any racist or homophobic abuse, sexual harassment, indecent exposure or fighting will result in immediate exclusion from the course or session we run and the children may face an indefinite ban. Coaches also have the right to remove children if they feel this is the right decision for the safety and welfare of any session.

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