One to One Coaching

Elite Development Coaching are pleased to offer individual coaching sessions on a one-to-one basis with any player wishing to take advantage of a personal development programme tailored made for you.

One-to-one coaching allows us highly qualified coaches deliver an age appropriate, specifically tailored session in order to meet the desired outcome of the individual player. This isolated technical approach to training perfectly supplements the holistic development players in professional Academy football. Our one-to-one coaching service is ideal for any player of any ability or age group. Using the most inventive equipment and training methods not only to improve all around ability but also a players mindset.


The average shooting session with a group of players would look at getting between 8-10 shots in an hour one-to-one based around shooting we look at 150-200 shots per hour with consistent and repetitive work load we aim to get vast improvement over a period of time.

Not only do we have UEFA qualified coaches available for outfield one-one training we also have Goalkeeper 1-1 Training available.


- UEFA B Coaches Outfield/Goalkeeping available 

- FA Level 2 Coaches available

- FA Level 1 Coaches available