Pre Academy

Our Pre Academy is the perfect programme for players to continue to develop basic technique skills learnt from our Soccer Tot programme  mixed with the introduction of game understanding in preparation for future competitive football.

Our Pre Academy prepares players to make the jump into competitive football and provides a direct link to our FC Elite team in partnership with Three Bridges FC.

Introducing them to more match based elements an an early tactical understanding our programme will help players to develop game understanding in preparation for 5v5 football.

Our coaching will also continue to focus on developing technique and all important physical developments for this age. 

It is important we help players to make good decisions on all areas of the pitch and this can be done by relevant game warm up drills and small sided games.

We aim to have the ball rolling for the majority of these sessions and aim to create an environment that is fun and unpressured for all children 

Our Pre Academy Sessions run on Saturday Mornings for children in Year 1 and children of Reception that show the capabilities of making the step up from our Soccer Tot Programme.

Further into the Academic Year we will look to run fixtures for all Pre Academy players so they can showcase to us what they have learnt.


Pre Academy Sessions are held on Saturday Mornings at K2 3G Pitches for children in School Year 1 and invited children from Reception.