FC Elite

Elite Development Coaching are proud to announce a partnership with Three Bridges FC where we are able to offer children our professional coaching development programme alongside regular grassroots football played at weekends.

Partnered with Three Bridges FC we aim to provide an environment as close to a professional academy as possible. Our environment will be one of hard work, attitude and application to help develop players to show consistent levels of technical ability, improve decision making skills and an ability to take on detailed tactical information of which they will showcase in regular fixtures.

Introducing them to more match based elements and an early tactical understanding. The coaching is focussed on intelligence and technique, helping the players to make good decisions on all areas of the pitch through game relevant warm-ups, drills and small-sided games.


We continue to develop and enhance a technical approach also as the fundamentals and developing the basics of the game are so important to the growth of all of our players.

Whilst promoting how we aim to develop the player, developing the individual is just as important to us. We believe good people want to help and do good things for good people.


Football is a TEAM game and we want to promote all core values within that both on and off the field to gain friendships that will be long term and hopefully successful on the pitch together.

All training takes place on state of the art 3G facilities and all players receive  Soccer School days throughout the year to use in the school holidays.



We currently have teams at U7/8 level for the 2020/21 season and are looking for all children in Year 1 to be part of next years playing squad via our Pre Academy Sessions.


For existing players of our playing squad of 2020/21 in partnership with Three Bridges FC please use the link below for your monthly sessions.

All players have to be signed up to the payments in order to train or play matches. If you wish to reduce your training to only once a week please contact us to discuss.