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Maidenbower Infants School

Our After School Club Training offers an excellent way of your child keeping active and learning by our UEFA and FA qualified coaches. Open to all abilities we aim to cover a whole variety of subjects whilst always finishing our training with fun tournaments and matches. At Elite Development we aim to provide people with the best coaching and training available to reach their highest potential. Our training is professional, inventive, productive, challenging, but most importantly enjoyable. We aim to provide an environment and a platform to help players improve and reach their own personal goals and targets.

All children receive a certificate and medal/giveaway on the last session of Term for their attendance and we also award a player of the term award.

Kit Bag:

Sports Kit,

Clothing & Footwear suitable for Outdoors

Shin Pads

Drink & Snack

Pick Up Point: 

All children will be collected from a coach via the back or front gate at 410PM.

Important Information

- If you wish to have your child picked up by another parent/guardian you must contact us or the school prior to the session taking place.

- Please supply as much medical information about your child as it is highly important we can understand any necessary needs or signs prior to the session taking place.

- We ask all parents to not stay for the duration of the training sessions or take any pictures/videos whilst in the school grounds.

- We also kindly ask that parents do not access the school to regain lost property or forgotten items until the next school working day.

Start Time: 310pm

Finish Time: 410pm

Year 3-6

Tuesday 4th September – Tuesdsay 11th December 2018 – 14 Sessions

Year 1-2

Thursday 6th September - Thursday 13th December 2018 - 14 Sessions

Payment Options

A- In Full £70

B- £35 Now & £35 in 6 weeks time.

Training Kit

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